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September 23, 2002                                      


Open letter to:


Hon. Judge Arthur S. Weissbrodt
Federal Bankruptcy Judge
Northern District of California
280 S. First St.
San Jose, CA 95113

                                                            Re: CASE NO.: 98-51326ASW-13 (Chapter 13)

Dear Judge Weissbrodt:

I would like to call your attention to a possible violation of your orders in this case.  After one of the more abusive depositions, you barred Scientology agents from conducting depositions or even being present when personal information involving such matters as employers was being provided to RTC’s counsel.


You recently delayed the sale of our house pending a better offer at the request of RTC due to RTC’s claim it was not being sold for enough money.  RTC was supposed to find a non-involved real estate agent and try to get a better price.  One such agent contacted my wife and told her he could not do better and that the sales price we had was a fair one. 


Scientology seems to have been unhappy with that and obtained another real estate agent.  Their female agent, accompanied by two men, one of them probably her husband, came on September 18, 2002 and inspected our house.  They split up (the way thieves do in old people’s houses) so my wife was unable to keep them all in view.


Mr. Zlotoff received a slightly higher offer for our house a few days ago from the second real estate agent.  I just found out the name of the real estate agent from him a few hours ago.  It is Pat Dulleck of San Jose, CA.


You can duplicate the below Web investigation, or I can have Arel duplicate it and provide a declaration.  “Dulleck” is a relatively uncommon name. 


“Scientology Dulleck” in Google brings up a list of names of people who were involved some years ago in a vicious organized attempt by Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) to take over and destroy a splinter group, the California Association of Dianetics Auditors.  Gary and Pat Dulleck are both listed as having taken part.


Thousands of us left Scientology Inc.
... There is a huge group of us who have lost family and friends to the church. I find
disconnection the #1 shame of Scientology. ... Gary & Pat Dulleck, San Jose, Ca. ...
www.holysmoke.org/cos/caroline-heads-up.htm - 7k - Cached


Dulleck “San Jose” brings up Pat’s real estate company as well as her husband’s home inspection business.


If there was any doubt about this person being the same as the one who tried to destroy a Scientology splinter group you can find a list of people by going to her testimonials page http://www.realtyworldonline.com/profile/testimonials.cfm.  Scientologists tend to do business with each other.  I didn’t look at them all, but Rita Dukes has a scientology web page and  “Petersen Saratoga scientology” finds this web page:




Petersen, Vikki. Campbell, CA 95008
Petersen, Dr Rick & Vikki. Saratoga, CA 95070

Rick and Vikki run this WISE chiropractic clinic:

Petersen Chiropractic Center
Dr. Rick Petersen & Dr. Vikki Petersen
922 W. Fremont Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Tel. 408-733-0400

Vikki is mentioned in this article about a Scientologist rowing team in Los Gatos.
She has an OS page.




The slatkinfraud web page is the news resource for one of the largest Ponzi frauds on record.  Reed Slatkin--now in jail and in bankruptcy--is (or was) a Scientologist.  About half of his (approximately) 800 victims were Scientologists.  Both Petersens, who belong to WISE--World Institute of Scientology Enterprises--certainly are.


Google Groups for “Dulleck” has this:

Impact #95 - Honor Roll of the IAS
... Petit Thouars Pontus Du Rietz Linda Dubayah Olivier Dufour George Duggan The Dulleck
Family The Duparc Family Lancelot Duppa-Whyte Jean Dupuis Robert Stephen ...
alt.religion.scientology - 18 Dec 2001 by Beau Vlad - View Thread (4 articles)

Impact #97 - Honor Roll of the IAS
... Du Rietz Linda Dubayah Olivier Dufour George Duggan The Dukes Family The Dulleck
Family Lafleche Dumais The Duparc Family Lancelot Duppa-Whyte Jean Dupuis ...
alt.religion.scientology - 18 Dec 2001 by Beau Vlad - View Thread (1 article)

To get on the Honor Role of the International Association of Scientologists requires donating  at least $20,000 or finding 20 donors for IAS.  The Dulleck family did this at least twice, probably donating $40,000.


There are thousands of postings in Google Groups searching on IAS.  The first one is here:


What is IAS? Reported by someone who believed in it...
Reported from the view of somebody who had ...
alt.religion.scientology - 03 Dec 1997 by Andreas Heldal-Lund - View Thread (2 articles)


IAS is the conduit Scientology uses to raise money for lawyers and shady private investigators.  There is a good chance that much of the one or two million dollars spent by RTC on my case before your court passed through IAS.


I have not yet located direct evidence tying the buyer to Scientology.  If he is the title insurance agent from San Francisco, he may be a business associate of Pat Dulleck.


I am fairly sure you did not intend your order to be used as an excuse for dedicated Scientology operatives to poke around inside my house.  There is more than one report of stunts such as injecting LSD into toothpaste tubes.  Arel is filing a police report on this court-sanctioned invasion this evening and carefully inspecting to see if dope was planted (as describe by former high ranking Scientology executive Jesse Prince).


My expectation is that this “offer” will be used to run off the buyers we have now and then fall through on some pretext, such as the new buyer being unable to obtain financing.  That will delay the sale.  It is not particularly important to RTC to get money from the sale (they have budgeted over twice the maximum I could get from it to harass me in the courts) but it is high on their agenda that my wife and I not get it.


I don’t know what remedy or sanction the court could impose on a group that has a corporate policy of destroying those it declares “enemies” through the courts.


Respectfully submitted,



H. Keith Henson


CC TR Hogan

       Stan Zlotoff

       Posted to the world.


PS.  This is being posted as an open letter because Mr. Zlotoff says he can't file it since the courts can do nothing about this sort of abuse.  From my long experience, I think he is right, but I did want to make the problem public even if the letter never reaches you.