Who is Keith Henson?
And why is Scientology after him?

How Else Can I Help?

The Office of the Attorney General is, in some cases, authorized to exercise oversight in the activities of District Attorneys. However, while I have had this section of this page up for some time, I suspect that my previous suggestion to write this person will probably have no positive results. The reason can be explained by this photograph of California Attorney General Bill Lockyer schmoozing with no less than three notorious Scientologists.

From left to right: Bob Graves, CRIMINON; Attorney General Bill Lockyer; Dennis McKenna, e.Republic; Barbara Yonemura, Sacramento Bar Association; Justice Arthur Scotland, Presiding Justice, 3rd District Court of Appeal; Don Pearson, Government Technology Magazine

Bob Graves is a Scientologist who runs a front group for the cult called Criminon, which recruits people into Scientology in prison (as if Scientology has a shortage of convicted felons). Dennis McKenna is a Scientologist who has a webpage identifying himself as a Scientologist, and is identified in the Cornerstone Newsletter as a "Key Contributor" to the "Super Power Project," representing a donation of $35,000 to this building project that may be implicated in a huge Ponzi scheme run by fellow Scientologist Reed Slatkin.

Don Pearson stands out even among Scientology hucksters. His infiltration of the Allstate insurance company was a huge scandal featured heavily in the Wall Street Journal as well as other publications. This website details Pearson's infiltration of Allstate with Scientology methods that include pseudo-scientific quackery, management by statistic, and vicious defamation and harassment of employees who refuse to submit to Scientology brainwashing. Pearson is also a prominent supporter of the "Citizens Commission for Human Rights," a Scientology front group which defames and harasses psychiatrists.

In light of this, perhaps Mr. Lockyer should explain his apparently friendly relationship with a racketeering syndicate which is itself criminally convicted for breach of the public trust and whose leaders have been convicted for crimes including burglarizing government offices, fraud, and even homicide. This photograph found at this web page. Catch it before it changes!

Contact the California Office of the Attorney General:

State of California
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Justice
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
(916) 445-9555

Here is a letter sent by Deana Holmes.

You can also contact them through their website at http://caag.state.ca.us/ but note that email has less impact than personal contact.

Contact the District Attorney's Office of Riverside County:

Grover Trask, District Attorney
Riverside County District Attorney's Office
4075 Main Street
Riverside, California 92501
Phone: (909) 955-5400

Ask why Deputy DA Robert Schwarz is acting as a cat's paw for Scientology, and how a District Attorney's office can act as the instrument of a private vendetta.

Ask why someone is being prosecuted for exercising his First Amendment rights to protest the criminal activities of a criminally convicted organization which has been described as ruthless, Mafia-like, and the most classically terroristic of all cults in Time magazine's award-winning article Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.

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