Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
December 10, 1976

Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding
Scientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack
these jackals who feed on children and young adults
who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves
when they reach the age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles
Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of
these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich
while they destroy the psyche of so many.

At the present time, I can only encourage you
to do more of what you have been doing.

Sincerely yours
Leo J Ryan
Member of Congress

[Leo J. Ryan was shot to death on November 18, 1978
at Jonestown in Guyana.  For more on Jim Jones, Leo
Ryan and Ida J. Camburn, click here.

Ida J. Camburn in Clearwater

Photo Copyright 2000 Tilman Hausherr

Ida J. Camburn, Clearwater, 2000


Scientology's Office of Special Affairs Stalks and Harasses Ida J. Camburn

Unsatisfied with merely harassing Ida Camburn by correspondence, the cult insisted on visiting her on her front porch. Arnie Lerma stated the opinion of the world: Scientology, Keep Off Mom's Front Porch! Arel Lucas, Henson's wife, also reports.

That page explains the purpose for the visit. As L. Ron Hubbard said: "When we need somebody haunted we investigate"

This individual, Edwin Richardson, is a private investigator with license #18274. He works for Scientology through Elliot Abelson.

Would you want this goon visiting your grandmother? Click the pic for video of his attack on Keith Henson.

Scientology's Office of Special Affairs Investigates Ida J. Camburn

On February 16, 2002, Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster of, posted some interesting documents from the Department of Justice, concerning Freedom of Information Act Requests from Neil Levin of Scientology. Images of Neil Levin's letter demanding information on Ida J. Camburn, a private citizen, follow.

Note: The DOJ told the cultists to take a hike.

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Scientology's letter

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The Department of Justice's reply

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