All dates are in the year 2000


(Sorry about the mixed fonts and odd formating, this was worked on with several word processors.  This timeline includes data from several sources, the net and the discovery being the main ones.)


May 17:  Ashlee Shaner dies driving into a front loader that is on the road, outside Scientology's Golden Era Productions ("Gold"), after dark.


May 20:  Ashlee Shaner's death is reported on alt.religion.scientology.


May 23 Henson discussed on "IRC" about picketing  at Gold Base near Hemet over the Ashlee Shaner death.


May 24: Scientology attorney Alan E. Oberstein meets with the Riverside County District Attorney Trask regarding Mr. Henson.

(See July 27)


May 25:  Henson makes first post re picketing Gold about Ashlee's death.


"My sign will read:


Is Ashlee Shaner the latest victim?

The cult doesn't care about lives.



May 26: First Henson picket at Gold, report phoned in and posted to the Internet. Gold is deserted.


May 30: Second Henson picket. Gold is deserted.


June 4: Picket by Henson in Mountain View (Northern CA).


June 6:  Henson writes a letter to his neighbors about scientology's private investigators ("PIs") in his neighborhood.


June 10: Bruce and Kathy Pettycrew and Justin picket Gold, a wheelbarrow full of wet concrete is abandoned, the place looks deserted.


June 18: Henson pickets 5 San Jose area scientology organizations.


June 20: Henson pickets Gold (post dated June 21)  "they seem to be taking people from one side of the road to the other in vans, to avoid seeing me and the entire plaza and walkway under the road is almost unused.  I saw a total of three using it all day, and I bet they got in trouble."  My home and my wife's place of business are picketed.


June 22: Henson pickets Gold. David Rice ("Shy David")  posts:

> Where exactly are you, when will you be there? I have some time free

> so perhaps I can join you in educating folks.


June 23:  Henson pickets Gold,  "A big change today from yesterday.  Something like one in six of them are now looking frankly [openly] at my sign.  The side I show to them is either the "Doubting is not a crime" and the LMT phone, or Arnie's NO OT's, or "Are you implanted with dead space aliens?" They still don't wave, but that would be too much considering all the video cameras."


June 24: Henson, David Rice, Fred Rice and Fred's family picket Gold, Henson returns to Palo Alto.  There are 3-6 scientology picketers at Henson's house all day.


June 25: A picketer collapses at Henson's house. Henson gives bags of plums to two scientology picketers (posting by Henson).


Shy David and Barbara Warr picket Gold.  While they are there (at about 10 A.M.) Stacy Moxon Meyer is electrocuted in a transformer vault.  Ken Hoden invites Shy David and Barbara Warr to breakfast to get them out of the area. (from a posting of June 26).


[There is much Internet discussion about this event over the next few days]


June 29: Henson pickets Gold base (late).  "I saw one person walking in the plaza area.  I waved and the person looked at me.  I had the paper for my new sign with me rolled up.  It reads:


Cult Victims:

Stacey Myer

Ashlee Shaner

Lisa McPherson


(Henson had one he posted Saturday, which included Roxanne Friend in the third place, but the scientology added a new victim Sunday . . .)


June 30: (Friday) Henson pickets Gold base. "Though they are a considerable minority, more people are frankly [openly]looking at my signs."


July 1: Henson pickets Gold base, makes reports on Ashlee Shaner based on Highway Patrol report.  "They [CHP] recommend manslaughter charges be brought against the front loader driver."


July 2: Henson pickets, Edwin Richardson and Frank Petty run Henson into the road. Henson posts, "I profited from Bob's experience.  They threatened me, got in my face and started bull baiting me (child molester etc. per parishoners.org) What they were after was to bash themselves on my sign or get me to bash them and fall down like Howd.  I wasn't having any of it, so I jumped into the roadway.  They spent the next ten minutes trying to bull bait as they chased me back and forth in the roadway while I flagged down about 20 cars and asked them to call the cops.  It if was not so rushed, it would have been funny like the three stooges.  Every time I would talk to someone in a car, they would quit bothering me so they could tell the driver I was a mad bomber or child molester or both.  As if this kind of DA [dead agent-character attacks] would keep them from calling the cops!"


July 3: Henson pickets Gold base.  URLs of the photos of the previous day are posted (thug1-thug11) ". . .all four [buses] went by my picket signs within a ten minute period close to 7 am.


July 3(cont'd): The buses make another run after this.  I followed one of them over to the apartments on Kirby and found one at the Fruitvale Apartment as well.  The first one tried to shake me off, hard to do in a bus, and stopped for a while at a gas station to call.  They sure are paranoid.  The Fruitvale apartments have a security guy playing hide and seek in the bushes with a radio.  I offered him an OT3/Xenu flyer.  It was somewhat like offering garlic to a vampire, but I could tell there was a certain degree of fascination--because otherwise he would never find out what OT3 was all about.  Ah well, there are several Xenu flyers inside Gold base, perhaps he will see one.


July 4: Henson posts,"Co$ is frozen in the pre Internet era.  They haven't the slightest idea of how to cope in the modern world.  They certain *try* to destroy me, but the effect backfires.  Their [sic] picketing my wife's place of work and my house only serves to inform people that scientology is a cult of vindictive nuts and has the side effect of causing a lot of social support and donations to flow my way."


. . .


Ah, yes, scientology is doing their best to drag out the bankruptcy. 

They cost my consulting clients so much money for depositions and lawyers that I have a hard time getting work.  Your PIs scared off the last people who wanted my services.  My only option to get back in the work force is to destroy scientology root and branch.  Scientology has been *most* helpful in this enterprise recently, though I certainly wish they would quit being the cause of young women dying."


. . .


"They have made it impossible for me to do anything else.  I may be here till the end."


Henson pickets starting at noon, then posts, "On the way out, I saw a Highway Patrol officer with a stopped car. So I turned around, stopped, parked and talked to Officer Mushaney. Officer Mushaney knew *exactly* who I was because the clams had delivered a tape of me in the middle of the road for the officers to watch and as a result cite me for jaywalking.  The officers who looked at the tape concluded I was trying to get away from Edwin Richardson and the other thug (who does not seem to be Brian Reichenberg).  So, with a comment or two about this being a fine day to celebrated [sic] the First Amendment, and a comment of approval for having a cell phone, I was on my way over to Gold base.


Parked at the west end next to where Ashlee was killed, got out my sign and started walking to the east.  Sure enough, here comes Edwin and thug 2.  So I got on 911 and reported as they were walking down the road to me."


. . .


Thug 2 crossed over behind me and Edwin got in front.  He stopped, forcing me to either go in to the street or further onto scn property, while thug 2 was talking into a radio or cell phone about how I had

July 4 (Cont’d): stepped on precious scn property.  But with it obvious I was talking to 911, they kept back about 6 feet.  We got up a little beyond the suppressive parrot's location on the east side of the main gate when along comes Officer Mushaney.  Mushaney got out and told Edwin and thug 2 to stay where they were till the Sheriff got there.  I asked and was free to continue the picket, which I did, well beyond the east underpass and started back.  As I crested the hill and could see Officer Mushaney's car, another officer drove up who I think was Officer Alford.  Shortly after that Deputy Craig arrived.  As I went by on the south side of the road, I noticed Ken Hoden was out there.  I continued down the south side to my car, crossed, and went back to the east on the north side of the road.


About that time, Officer Luebs (who I have mentioned before) came along. Not wishing to intrude on this conference beside the road, I crossed back to the south west of the main gate.  One of the officers yelled that they wanted to talk so I stopped and went back to where they had crossed the road.  We had a friendly conversation about the limits the thugs were under (they have to stay well out of reach and are not to talk) and being careful on the roadway.  The officers highly approved of the use of a cell phone instead of jumping out in the road and stopping cars to ask them to call for help.


They allowed as how they were kind of busy with patroling I10, six miles to the north, but that protecting constitutional rights was important enough that they did not mind having this kind of chat with the scientologists whenever it was warranted. (Police in the US, especially elite ones like the CHP, tend to be highly patriotic.) Ken Hoden came by and warned me to stay off private property, but he knows that I have the right to walk on their property if required for safety.


Incidentally, except for the west underpass, they seem to have given up trying to keep Gold base staff inside.  Many of them were out there looking at the spectacle of 4 police cars talking to the thugs and Ken



July 5: Henson, Shy David and Barb picket and Henson posts, ". . . got there about 10:30.  I will let them post on this phase which ran to after 12:30 and a follow up in the afternoon about 4 pm.  I went back and gave them another hour and a half starting about 6 pm."


. . .


"It was a long day, I will let Barb and David fill in.  Only one addition, there were *three* ground squirrels run over in the road near (*)'s house today.  I got photos, but am not sure that road kill is worth posting.  But for sure the road is a lot harder on ground squirrels than transformers."


[Follow up to Shy David's post]


Shy David www.xenu.net <shy_david@nospam.org> wrote:

> "Gold Base Picket and Protest, 5 July 2000




> "Arrived at "Gold Base" at 10:28AM and saw Keith out there.

> The sight was, to say the least, astonishing bordering on

> the absurd. Perhaps even farcical. Keith was in the middle

July 5 (Cont'd):  of two goons: sort of like a Nabisco Entheta Cookie--- a

> center of truth pressed between dark, tasteless

> intimidators. While I was thinking "Wha’ th’ fuh?"

> Mistress Barb yelled out "LET ME OUT!" so I halted the

> vehicle and she leaped out with a bound that would have

> made Xena Warrior Princess green with envy.


The two goons took one look at Barb and without a word walked over

to the main gate for instructions.  After we split up, Edwin walked

behind me and the sunburned dude walked with them.






> The crime syndicate had Ida’s son and grandson send two

> very odd e-mails to her. To say these were "freaky" would

> be a gross understatement. It was as if a mad scientist

> had reanimated Joseph Goebbels’s corpse just so it could

> write two more pieces of propaganda. The intent of the

> e-mail was to convince her to eject Keith from her abode.

> The propaganda called Keith a "full-time hater," which

> made one and all break out in roaring laughter. We tried

> out variations on the theme.


Ida had not heard from these disconnected family members for some years, so it was quite pleasing to get email from them even if it looked like OAS was dictating over their shoulder.


Note to family with disconnected members in scientology:  you want to hear from them?  Come picket with me.”


July 7: Henson posts follow up on Shy David's remarks. "While I was thinking "Wha’ th’ fuh?"

> Mistress Barb yelled out "LET ME OUT!" so I halted the

> vehicle and she leaped out with a bound that would have

> made Xena Warrior Princess green with envy.


The two goons took one look at Barb and without a word walked over

to the main gate for instructions.  After we split up, Edwin walked

behind me and the sunburned dude walked with them.


Henson pickets, then posts,"After playing a little with the buses, I got out there about 7 am, parked on the west end next to where Ashlee was killed.


Thug2 (who did not show yesterday) and the older guy came trudging down from the main gate.  Thug 2 came up close and started right in bull baiting.  I called 911, and he split back to the guard house, and Edwin took his place. After thug 2 went into hiding, I canceled the 911 call.

.    .    .


July 7 (Cont’d): "And a good topo map.  The approach is clear from the south."


.     .     .


 Rebecca Hartong <praetorian@cox.rr.com> wrote:


> "mimus" <tinmimus99@hotmail.com> wrote in message

> news:3965f418.2380509@news.zoomnet.net...


>> "I say smash the entire thing, if you actually give a damn about

>> national security, protecting the populace from crime and so

>> on--confiscate all its assets (including copyrights and trademarks),

>> put the principals in prison and make sure those who don't go to

>> prison realize that if they try to reestablish Scientology under any

>> other name they'll go to prison too."


> "Jeez... I hope you're making a sick joke. And if you're not, I hope you NEVER gain any kind of political power anywhere on earth."


"The British did something somewhat like this with the thuggee cult (from which comes the word "thug").  Only I think they killed cult members out of hand.  Scientology is a sort of white color [sic] thuggee cult."


.     .     .


>    Now wait....Henson said, "All it takes is one SP to enturbulate the



> "We said he is delusional in his estimation of the effect he is

creating. He is."


"Ok.  I am more than willing to demonstrate the effect I have on Gold

base.  You stand on the west overpass and just watch how the foot

traffic under the road stops when I am any place close on the road.


Or watch a van back up wildly from the west gate if I show up."


July 8: Henson posts, "Whole heartedly agree. 2 miles from my house one Dylan Klebold and another Eric Harris tried to do mass murder (more massive than they accomplished)

> It is but for the grace that they were too stupid to set up effective bombs.

> That incident to me made it less likely that I will describe in detail

> anything to an unknown person in an open forum.


The very worst offenders I know of was the US government in the Tim McVey trial.  They explained how it was done in detail down to the make of portable drill and the size of the bit used to drill out the locks on the portable magazines where they got the boosters they used.


It is not for a lack of information that we have not had another."


July 9: Henson posts, "bwarr <bwarr@pacbell.net> wrote:




> "I've already got the permit, and a Harpy Eagle. Bag limit, 2 scienos per day.If DM goes jogging in his pink bunny-suit, I'll give him a 2 minute head start before I slip the eagle. Won't do him any good...an 18 lb. eagle traveling at 40 mph will strike with great force, and their talons are bigger than a Kodiak bear's.


Oh great.  Now (*) has to watch for eagles as well as cruise missiles.


July 10: Henson posts, "No way.  Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards.  The terminal guidance [sic] ones are good to single digits.


>>   Oh, crud, I was supposed to get rid of my *reactive* mind???


> Sell it on E-Bay.


One reactive mind.  As is.  Best offer, no reserve,

you haul."


July 11: Henson pickets and posts, "Edwin Richardson and thug 2 were taking turns in some half assed bull baiting about dead goats and buggering little boys.  They quit when I am talking to 911.


I need to find some more cardboard for the Stacey sign."


July 12: Henson pickets and posts, "So this morning (7 am) I did, and when

Edwin Richardson and thug 2 were  sent out, I called and sure enough a while later no fewer than three Sheriff deputies showed up, all at once.  I was on the west going leg almost in front of the main gate at the time.


I got the Deputies names, Rahn, Pauling and Kurycowicz"


July 13: Henson pickets. He is deposed in San Jose in the afternoon and reports, "I am going to get this deposition and post the choice parts.


The Xenu flyers in the cult compound got high billing.  Also every single posting had the Xenu's redacted.  Yea Ghods fellows, it ain't a secret any more."


July 15: Henson pickets in both San Jose and Palo Alto then posts, "PS to the Los Gatos org.  The kid in the red shirt needs to be more careful.  Cars coming out of the driveway to the north often don't stop till they are out in the street and some don't stop at all.  I saw the kid go in front of a car and the car hit the back wheel of his bike.  It didn't quite knock the bike over and the kid kept riding to the north."


July 16: Palo Alto assigns an officer to the scientology  pickets at Henson's home and the entire neighborhood situation there including the PIs at Henson's home. Henson posts, "If this wasn't enough excitement, a neighbor left something on the July 16 (Cont'd): stove which caught fire.  Arel (my wife) heard a fire alarm shrieking as I was cooking dinner, so I turned off *my* stove and went looking.  The neighbors were gone when I looked in and saw the place filling up with smoke.  So I broke out a glass pane, got in, turned off the stove and smothered the fire.  Arel had called 911, so when the neighbors came home about 20 minutes later, it was to fire trucks blocking both streets.  No serious damage--though I might have just a touch of smoke inhalation." 


Henson also posted Gilliland story fragment. "There his asthma attacks started again. It was laid in that this was his 'case' and he was forbidden to use his inhaler, which modified or aborted the attacks, or even to have it around.

>    One night, in an attack, he was so desparate [sic] that he couldn't remember what had happened to his puffer!

>    He survived that night and was congratulated on doing the 'correct'

> thing!

>   A few nights later, he had another attack which he didn't survive!

>   To die struggling for breath must be very terrifying, especially when one has lost all one's wins and is surrounded by incompetient [sic] and uncompassionate people!


There are so many of these cases that it boggles the mind.  Scientology is really dangerous to those with problems like this."


July 19:Henson pickets Gold base and posts, "I have become so used to the west underpass not being used that I was not even looking at the stairs which go up the hill to the north of the road as I walked by.  An older, grey haired woman called out to me.  And when I looked that direction she said I should *not* be there.  It *was* kind of hot by that time, but I don't think she was concerned about my health. She just insisted over and over like a broken record that I should not be there and then went stomping up the stairs.


The OSHA people don't want to hear about chain lockers, so I guess they would not be interested in a pattern of leaving covers off either.  I have seen four or five examples of lids being left off at Gold base.  This morning I put two of them (right on the road) back on.


Report, the woman who died in the transformer vault is identified as

Stacy Moxon Meyer, daughter of Kendrick Moxon.


During the evening pickett Henson arrested by Rowe, unarrested after Hoden refuses to sign the incident report and Henson is abandoned 30 miles away from his medications at an emergency room.


July 20: Sheriff's incident report by P.O. Rowe (re 7/19/00 incident). Hoden alleges  that Henson makes a, "Threat to use weapons of mass destruction." [Dates of Internet posting (1997) and pickets (2000)].


Henson pickets and posts, "I can tell when I am way to the east of the plaza (near the main gate) that there are lots of people crossing the plaza and going into the underpass.  But when I get there, very few

July 20 (Cont’d): people can be seen on either side of the road.  I suspect they are huddling in the underpass till they get the all clear signal that I have moved on.  OTs, heh."


Henson later posts re Tory, "Skip has a point, remember the flip flops of Kim Bakker [sic].  Be supportive and don't expect too much.  Getting out of the cult mind set takes time.

Keith Henson”

PS, my very best wishes to all concerned."


Henson later posts, "There is no question that Kendrick Moxon holds the heart of the cult in his hands.  One squeeze and the whole thing goes down.  And he need not even sue, just turning state's evidence would more than do the trick.


> That aside, should he be reading this post, I extend my sympathies.  I cannot imagine the pain of losing one of my daughters.  I hope he has

> some close friends and loved ones to help him through the grief.  My

> heart is out to him.


You speak for me as well, even though Mr. Moxon has gone to great lengths [sic] to make my life difficult, I feel for him.  He can call me at any time for a sympathetic ear if he wants."


July 21: Sheriff's Incident Reports by P.O. Greer and P.O. Moquin.

Hoden alleges that Henson made a threat to, "use weapons of mass destruction."

Greer concludes, "There does not appear to be any criminal intent or direct threat in this case."


Moquin reports, "None of the messages that I reviewed contained any threats of mass destruction to any persons or organizations by Keith Henson."


Henson pickets for a half hour. He encounters a PI in Hemet and at University of Redlands where his daughter will attend college in the fall.


Edwin Richardson (private investigator for scientology) signs declaration.


July 22: Hoden signs declaration that Gold has been in fear of Henson's "missile attack for more than a month."


Sheriff's Incident Reports by P.O. Carroll, "Threat By Electronic Means." He obtains declarations by Hoden, Richardson, Petty (unsigned), and e-mails from Henson, Rice and Regis.


Henson does not picket and posts, "About 11 pm I thought of going out and taking a flash photo of the parked PI car, but decide against it since making fools of PIs is not the main point of the exercise."



July 23: Scientology PI, Frank Petty, signs a declaration. He is within 5-10feet of Henson, "to prevent harm" It differs from the unsigned Petty declaration attatched to Greer's July 22 Incident Report.


Henson posts, "Brent Stone and I got out there about 7:30.  All four of the buses were out picking up staff who had to work on Sunday.  Right away we saw Richardson and thug 2 walking down from the main gate.  We walked apart a ways, Richardson went with Brent and thug 2 stayed with me."


July 24: PI Richardson signs another declaration (same as July 21)


Henson posts, "There will be lots more people coming out of Scn publicly

> now. We need to learn how to deal with them in a nice way so that they 1) learn how to get all the true info they need to clear their mental computers of LRH's lies, and 2) get through the grief and anger and other emotions thoroughly and well, so they can come out the other

> side ready to help out their friends.


Ed is absolutely right on this.  The cult is coming unglued inside and we have a moral responsibility to help the bewildered who stumble out--we are, after all, the ones who are making it fall apart (with generous help from LRH, (*), and a horde of lawyers and PIs).  Keith Henson"


Reposted from Shy David.  "Keith Henson must be contagious: I somehow caught one of his Private Investigator / clam stalker viruses. And from what little I could glimpse of him, a more disreputable, decrepit looking louse one would be hard pressed to find in even the most seedy of seaport towns."


July 25: Henson posts,  "But when they break out of ron-bot mode, we should welcome them or at least quit giving them a hard time.  After all, this is what we want, getting thousands of people back into some semblence [sic] of what passes for normal--hopefully non-pink normal.


I don't have any way to enforce this, but I can ask the Marcabs to dock your pay.  :-)


> Hopefully each of you is well, and smiling. For those of you who want totear [sic] > me apart.  GO FOR IT!  Give it your best shot as my Dad used to always say.


To the extent I have any moral leadership here, I have asked them to knockit [sic]off, and rejoice in another leaving the DM insanity amplified by organized scientology.


Starshadow <starshadowis@home.com> wrote:


>   Geeze, get a grip, peoples. No one is saying to hand over any kind of information to Tory.


I'd trust her with the launch codes for the French ICBM aimed at Gold  base.


Keith Henson"


July 27: Scientology attorney Alan C. Oberstein writes to the Deputy District Attorney referring to the May 24, 2000, meeting and encloses selected Internet postings by Henson.


July 28: Alleged victim, Muriel Dufresne, visits the Sierra Dawn Mobile Home Park neighbors of Ida Camburn (including Ruth Anthony) and advises them that Henson is a child molester, killer and bomber and is a danger to the community.


Henson posts, "Today I heard from my folks.  Seems that scientology has two people picketing them, and has had them out there on the road above their house for some time (it wasn't important enough to call sooner).  My Mom requests that CoS either replace them or give them some better clothes.  She doesn't mind the pickets so much as the ragged poor image they show in a fairly upscale neighborhood.


Sorry Mom, the cults that dress better were all taken."




July 29 [?]:  Henson pickets both San Jose and Mtn. View.


July 31: Deputy Greer meets with ADA Kevin Ruddy and Investigator Bernie Skiles (Greer Report 8/8/00)


Alleged victim, Muriel Dufresne, visits the Sierra Dawn Mobile Home Park and tells the park manager, Michael van Kamp that, "You need to make Ida Camburn have Henson leave." (Greer incident Report, 8/8/00, pp 6-7.) Dufresne calls van Kamp daily.


Aug. 2: Deputy Greer makes an appointment with Henson at Gold base.


 Henson posts, "I did not and will not spread lies and hatred about others................the fact that ...you know what. that's it. Bye. Tory


Tory, nobody I can think of would ask you to spread lies and hatred about anyone.  There are some here who use strong and unkind language about scientology, but when they step into lies and hatred, they lose respect.


You seem to be willing to tell the truth about scientology, and that is more than enough to put them out of business


And, "I was out there at about 7:25 this morning.  One of the buses was going into town and since I had a car they had not seen before, I followed the bus.  I was hoping to find yet another bed of clams, but no luck. I think they are concentrated in the apartments on Fruitvale and the one which looks like a medium security prison on Kirby.  (Why care?  Address for the mail campaign.)"




Aug. 3: Henson talks to Deputy Greer. Henson thought the interview was to be about Ashlee Shaner's death (Greer Report 8/8/00). Henson was told by Greer that the interview was not being taped. During discovery, the tape of this same interview was produced in spite of Henson having been told that it was not being taped.


Hemet Press-Enterprise reports on the death of Stacy Moxon Meyer at gold base.


A large surveillance RV is parked in view of Ida Camburn's home. Other PI cars are cruising and scaring neighborhood (See Greer 8/8/00)


 Henson posts, "The Marcabs, of course. How large is the new micro S class ICBM they have.? [sic] Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"  Keith Henson"


Henson pickets both early and late. There is a report of stalking by Henson's wife.


Regarding this Henson posts, "Well, my day began with calling "911."  Not my favorite way to start the day.  The same a__hole who followed me from work to home a couple of pickets ago (funny way to measure time was in front of my house this morning.  As I usually do with picketers to document their presence (I was asked at deposition if I had any proof that I had been picketed), I photographed him as I left the house to catch the train to work.  (I photographed 2 others yesterday.) . . .


  The policeman's first words to the picketer were something like "Hey, would you give us all a break?  There are such things as stalking laws on the books."  As the officer detained the picketer, I said, "Thank you, officer," and continued on my way to the train.


Aug. 4:  Henson pickets and posts, "Today started with a very short PI chase.  Same car as yesterday. As I was driving over shortly before 7 am, I had two of the buses turn onto Sanderson behind me from an unfamiliar road.  There were three in front of me and two behind at one point.  The front three took a senseless detour over to State street [sic] on Ramona expressway.  I followed to see what sillyness [sic] they were up to."


LK showed up.


Shy David's getting the GPS coordinates of various locations at Gold base has made them super paranoid.  When David said he was going to do this conspicuously and post, I didn't think it would have any effect, I mean, how nuts do you have to be to worry about ordinary folks getting strategic weaponry?  But it sure did.  Folks who believe they are infested with the spirits of murdered space aliens don't seem to have defenses to having their legs pulled.  Another clam cluster for David.  I guess that they have to work up the clams inside so they can justify acting nuts over one lone wog walking up and down the road with a picket sign.  Talk about being at cause . . ."


Aug. 5:  Henson pickets Gold base and posts, "Just as I was leaving, thug 2 who had been using the standard abuse "questioning" on me for the previous

Aug. 5 (Cont’d):  half hour asked in a plantive [sic] voice when I was going to be back.  If they were nice, I would tell them, but since they are not . . .


Aug. 6:  Henson pickets Gold base and posts, "I have not commented on this before, but Gold base staff plays peek-a-boo with me at the guard gate.  They stand behind it and move back and forth so I can't see them.  But like very small kids, they usually leave part of them hanging out where I can see it.  More or less grown people doing this is somewhere between amusing and pathetic.

. . .


"Why are you smiling Mr. Henson. [sic]"  (no answer) "It looks like a very sinister smile to me."  "You enjoying this little game Mr. Henson of seeing what staff of this property you can observe and phonograph and put on your black list Mr. Henson?"  (no answer) "You enjoy that Mr. Henson?"  (no answer) [Richardson prompts "stalk."] "It appears that he is stalking."


Aug. 7: Henson pickets Gold base, and posts "Thug 2 got about 10 words in before I jumped back in my car, but instead of heading in the direction I need to go, I went to the east parking spot, just beyond the east underpass and as I went by the main gate, there was Richardson getting into the black SUV--which tore off behind me.


Aug. 8: Deputy Greer brings "space-sling" patent by Ida Camburn's and speaks with Henson about it.


Sheriff's Incident Report by Greer, "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Report concludes, "In reviewing of the internet postings I did not see any direct threat of violence towards the church or any personnel of the church."


[On 08/7/00, Greer had received the attached court documents and police reports from Edwin Richardson, Private Investigator from the church. Senior Investigator Skiles from the Riverside County District Attorney's Office requested the documents from Richardson.]


Henson pickets and posts, "Picketwise I got out there after 4 pm and stayed just about an hour and ahalf [sic].  Virtually no IRS stuff today.  Perhaps they figured out that thereare [sic]questions that they really don't want answered."


During this picket Henson tapes the comments made to him by the scientology PIs and

notes that here is enough in the tape which is suggestive of threats against his daughter (mention of the college she is going to) for him to consider turning the tape over to either the school or the local police.


Aug. 9: Henson pickets Gold and posts, "When I got out there there was a crew working on an extremely detailed survey of the road where Ashlee Shaner was killed. At first I was not sure which side they were involved with, but after a short time of watching them it became clear they were scns or working for them."


Aug. 10: Henson pickets Gold and posts, "Started this morning just before 7 am.  My thugs were considerably subdued compared to previous days, and were mostly concerned with my "extorting" $5 million from CoS.  I should have asked if they wanted a share.  They justify dogging my steps "to protect the property," when, of course, the object is to prevent the staff inside from giving friendly waves to the "SP" walking along the road.

. . .


The reaction of the thugs to Graham is downright amazing.  They dog my steps, seldom getting more than ten feet away.  *Graham* shows up and they back off 100 feet!


 I am most impressed by the effect Graham has on my thugs.  They have backed off to at least 100 feet and sometimes 300 feet, with the exception of when we first got out there and Richardson served me with a subpoena in the *Hurtado* case! 

. . .

Brent came down from San Jose this evening.  Boy did that cause a stir with the PIs.  Neighbors reported that one of them walked by and crawled under either the front of Graham's Jeep or the back of Brent's Firebird.

Putting a bug on? Taking a bug off?  Who knows?  I looked, nothing obvious.


The neighborhood crawls with PIs.  Some of them, like the young women who get cooked in the sun, are pitiful."


Aug. 11: Henson posts, "Brent, Graham, and I were out there just after 7 am.  We parked on the east end this time, under (*)'s gaze.  Graham's sign said "LRH was on psych drugs when he died" on one side and "Scientology: the 'Church' of fair game" on the other.  Brent had "NO OTs Here" and "The Squirrels are INT management."


Mine was "The Church with a body count on one side" and "No OTs etc" on the other.


[bunch of PI chasing] Brent and I put in a late picket, starting about 7 pm.  We walked from the west end to the east underpass and back.  We could hear a traffic cop keeping them from using the west stairs down to the underpass as we went by.  I tried to get a photo of the guard who was playing peek-a-boo, but the bushes were too thick.  Brent got thug 2 and I got Richardson, though we didn't see them till we were most of the way to the main gate.  (Did they have warning we were coming?) Richardson stuck with me and Frank tried every button he could think of on Brent."


Aug. 12: Henson posts, "I got out there 5-10 minutes before 7.  Richardson and Petty came along shortly.  I told them the story about Shy David and him trapping the PI in traffic on I-5."


Aug. 13: Henson pickets Gold, report posted Aug. 18


"[Frank] Is she starting school Aug. 28?"


Aug. 14: Brent Stone and Keith Henson picket Gold.


Aug. 16: Scientology attorney, Gerald Feffer (of Williams and Connally, Washington, D.C.) writes to Deputy D.A. Kevin Ruddy. In his letter, Feffer refers to the prior meeting

Aug. 16 (Cont’d): between them and sets forth factual and legal arguments that Henson should be arrested for extortion. Henson pickets Los Gatos and San Jose orgs, visits the FBI office in San Jose.  Henson posts:


My wife, daughter and the neighbors report that the last few days before I came back from the latest round of picketing gold base, the local pickets of my house droped off to nothing.


(Different post)


I do know that scn refused to let the investigators look at Stacy's ethics file, claiming "religious" privilege.


The story about squirrels is just ridiculous.  In the time I have been

picketing, I have seen two possums and at least a dozen ground squirrels dead on the road.  Anyone on grounds work, which Stacy was, would know that the road, not that transformer vault, is where the animals die.


Henson is served in Palo Alto with 6 inches of legal paper in his bankruptcy case.


Aug. 17:  Ava Paquette calls Henson asking for a deposition date in a bogus case (eventually dropped) they know to be impossible (Aug 28 is when I take my daughter to college.)  We settle on September 15, 2000.  At this point Scientology lawyers know I will be tied up on this date.

Sheriff's Incident Report by Greer, "Weapons of Mass Destruction," states, "On 08/16/00, the above listed victims were interviewed per the District Attorney's Office request. On the above date, at approx. 0900 hours, I made an unannounced visit to Golden Era Studios and contacted Hoden, the location manager. I asked Hoden the number of personnel at this location. Hoden said that there were approx. 735 workers. I advised Hoden that I needed to interview five of these workers about the threat from Henson. Hoden said that they have not notified all of the personnel because they did not want to cause mass fear in the workers.


In Deputy Sheriff Greer's declaration in support of the arrest warrant for Henson, he states, "Per the District Attorney's Office, this case will be submitted with an arrest warrant declaration."


Deputy Greer also declares that he is, “. . . a PEACE OFFICER employed by THE RIVERSIDE COUNTY DEPARTMENT.  That he HAS INVESTIGATED THE REPORTED CRIME of 11418.5 PC. That he ON INFORMATION AND BELIEF alleges the following to be true:


The Defendant, Keith Henson was arrested on 071900 for the above listed crime. Henson released per 849(b) (1) PC pending further investigation.


Your Declarant conducted a follow-up investigation into this matter.

Your Declarant discovered Internet posting about the Church of Scientology that where posted on the Internet by Henson. Some of the postings go as far back as 1995, and others are current. Some of the current postings talk about GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). There was a current photograph of Henson and another male subject taking a GPS reading in front of Golden Era Productions, a company of the Church of Scientology, located on Gilman Springs road in San Jacinto. There were other current and old postings talking about ICBM missiles, Cruise Missiles and others. There were postings from Henson talking about modern weapons being accurate within a few yards and many more. Henson also communicates on another Internet WEB site that talks about explosives.


On 08/03/00, Your Declarant conducted an out of custody interview [with] Henson. Your Declarant showed Henson numerous Internet writings from the anti-scientology Internet WEB sites. Henson admitted to Your Declarant that he posted these writings on the Internet. Henson told Your Declarant that he posted these to make David Miscavige, the head of the church "paranoid". Henson told Your Declarant that these posting are "psychological warfare against them", meaning the church. Henson told Your Declarant that this was "psychological threat, psychological weaponry only". Henson denied having any weapon of mass destruction.


Aug. 17 (Cont'd): Henson told Your Declarant that he has been protesting the Church of Scientology since 1995, when the church had an Internet WEB site deleted from the Internet. Later, Henson was sued by the church for copyright violation, forcing him to file bankruptcy.


Henson told Your Declarant that was involved with pyrotechnics and explosives as a business and hobby in the early 1970's while living in Arizona. Henson told Your Declarant that he does responds to questions and comments on the explosive WEB site.


On 08/16/00, Your Declarant conducted interviews with five members of the Church of Scientology, who are assigned to the Golden Era Productions company. All five told Your Declarant that they have been told about Henson and are afraid that he will carry out his threats to blow up the church or Golden Era Productions. All five told Your Declarant that they have had to adjust bus schedules and work schedules due to the fear Henson will "lob a grenade or incendiary device" over the fence into the compound. They told Your Declarant that there are approx. 100 employees at Golden Era who receives a page when Henson is at the property. Those paged are to keep the rest of the employees away from the road in front of Golden Era and the two tunnels that go under Hwy 79 for fear Henson might blow them up.


Your Declarant feels that the elements of the above section have been met due to the fear of the victims and the fact that they have had to alter the business due to that fear. (emphasis added) [Note: This is in contrast with his 8/8/00 report]


Aug. 18: Email and postal mail from Ava Paquette, sending witness fee and insisting on a deposition date in San Jose.  Alternate dates offered are Sept 7, 14, and 15.


"Please contact me immediately if you will agree to one of the

alternative dates offered, or if it will be necessary to file a motion to compel and seek appropriate sanctions."


Aug. 24 Prince post on Hong Kong legal murder project.


Aug. 25 Henson posts Declaration in bankruptcy case.


RTC's complaint about my income is much like that of a person who has

killed their parents and then asks the court for mercy because they are an orphan.  They (Scientologists under their direction) have done the best they could to make it hard for me to do consulting work.  They have invaded the offices of one client, picketed two of my clients, and within the last month picketed my wife's place of employment, trying to get *her* fired. Recently their private investigators followed me to an interview for consulting work.  The investigators may have interfered with my chances of getting work at this new company.  People under the control of RTC maintain a web site www.parishioners.org (note the s) which any prospective client or employer will find.  The web site accuses me of vile crimes.  They put up posters in my neighborhood, and near a client's offices, samples of which were provided in a previous declaration (August 25, 1999).  It has since been removed from the web site, but as may be seen in that declaration, they showed photographs that I was being stalked in the client's parking lot.


If this is not acting in bad faith by RTC I dont know what would be.


Aug 27:


I got a call this morning from the mother of one of my daughter's friends who lived across the street where we last lived in San Jose--4 years ago.


Seems that some PI claiming dude had come calling with a story about a

security background check for a job I was supposed to have applied for.


After a few minutes, the guy started asking her questions about my

daughter and her daughter.  She twigged that something was very wrong and closed the door on him, then gave me a call. 


Henson files (posts?) ex-parte motion in Hurtado (Dated wrong--Sept. 26 on Internet posting.)


Aug. 28:  (Mon.) Henson and Berry picket LA.  Henson travels to Redlands to pick up his daughter who flys in from visiting her half sisters. 


Aug. 29:  (Tue) Henson pickets Gold, Berry pickets LA and Tory and Jeff picket Clearwater.  Vegitable story, transcript of interaction with woman.  Amber delivered to Redlands, copy of transcript given to security people.


Aug 30.  (Wed)  Henson and Lucas picket Gold early, misting rain.  Phone converstion

with Moxon who freaks out.  Afternoon picket.  First time thugs (Edwin Richardson) are silent.


Aug 31.  (Thur) Berry and Henson picket LA.  Silent thug (Richardson tapes us)  (We might have done this two days)


Sept 1.  (Fri) Incictment filed in Hemet  Henson goes home?


Sept 11  Henson files reply motion in Hurtado with material which gets misread that Henson knows about the Sept 15 araignment.


Sept 12.  Scientology representative obtains Hemet court computer printout paying 50 cents.


Sept 13.  Henson bankruptcy hearing in San Jose, Henson gets notice accidentally about the Sept 15 araignment, when the scientologist introduce the court record printout as character attack material.  He does not get verification till late on Sept. 14.


Sept 14.  Call to Tony Greer while on freeway to hearing.  Hearing in Hurtado, late afternoon Tom Gage returns call from Graham Berry, report written at the time about this conversation and posted. 8 pm, deposition for Sept 15 is called off, Henson travels to Hemet.


Sept 15 Henson unexpectedly shows up at the arraignment.  Report written.


Sept 16 Henson pickets at State and Florida, in Hemet.  Several others picket at Gold.


Sept 17 The incident with Frank Petty in the parking lot.