Who is Keith Henson?
And why is Scientology after him?

Writings of Keith Henson


"Memes, Meta-Memes and Politics"
"Memetics--The Science of Information Viruses" Whole Earth Review #57, pages 50-55.
"The Guru Trap, or What Computer Viruses Can Tell Us About Saddam Hussein", Computer Underground Digest #3.31
"Cryonics, religions and memetics," a 1993 article co-authored with Arel Lucas which mentions Scientology in passing.
"Memes, Evolution and Creationism," from the Journal of Ideas, vol. 1, issue 1, September 1990. Co-authored with Arel Lucas. An earlier version of this article appeared in Extropy.

Usenet Articles

Articles from Google for author:hkhenson@pacbell.net OR author:hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com

Keith Henson On the Air

Keith Henson call-in on KGO AM-810 5/3/98 (transcript courtesy Xenubat)
Keith Henson call-in on KGO AM-810 5/3/98 (Real Audio stream courtesy Sten-Arne Zerpe)

Keith Henson in Court

Transcript of video deposition in RTC v. Henson
Trial transcripts from RTC v. Henson
Rule 60 motion in RTC v. Henson
Rule 60 Opposition in RTC v. Henson
Scientology attorney assaults Keith Henson

Keith Henson in Canada
Keith Henson in Canada page on xenu.ca.

Keith Henson's resume
Need an engineer, want to hire a hero, and not afraid of harassment from a UFO cult?

Other Sources of Information
Robert Bradbury's section on Henson and his writings on memetics and cryonics.
Holysmoke Scientology v. Keith Henson page
Ron Newman's Scientology v. Keith Henson Page
Libellous Scientology hate page on Keith Henson
Henson is a founding member of the L5 Society
Henson is a lifetime member of the National Space Society.
Henson is a cryonics expert who has been associated with the Alcor Life-Extension Foundation.
Henson has been published in Analog
Henson is often ahead of the curve where criminal organizations are concerned. He was involved in discrediting the bizarre Larouche organization even before Lyndon Larouche's fraud conviction.
Henson as well as Robert Gregory, director of the pre-Web Xanadu Project, filed this privacy lawsuit over illegal confiscation of email from Alcor.

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